Reiki Calls

My Mission

My name is Ali Annanda Surdam . I am a Reiki Master and a Yoga Teacher. My intention is to bring energetic clearing and balance to each person I help heal. I am here to help you learn how to heal yourself from the inside out. It is my mission to send these waves of healing as far as I can. I believe that by elevating our own energy we naturally inspire the best in others, and they to another; so on and so on, like the ripples from a stone dropped in a lake. It is my mission to begin the ripple effect with your healing first.


Reiki is an energetic healing modality involving the ancient healing technique of Laying On Of Hands. The spiritual healing art of Reiki works by channeling Reiki (Universal Life Force) energy into your body. This is done with the Reiki Master typically placing their hands along the main energy centers in the body and concentrating on the affected areas of the body that need healing. This is channeling Reiki energy to where it is most needed in your body, and to your highest good.

Reiki brings about a deep sense of relaxation which allows your muscles relax enough to increase the blood flow to the areas of the body that need healing. This helps the healing process to quicken.

This healing modality is all about bringing balance and harmony, so it can assist with a myriad of symptoms from feeling pain, mental fatigue, overwhelm, stress, and depression to weight loss, overcoming fears, healing past traumas, an elevated sense of connection, and much more.

"Reiki is not only an option for physical healing, but mental and spiritual growth as well. By opening up to this energy, it is often believed that those individuals would be more capable of seeing the synchronicity in life and be able to let life flow." -


Yoga is a word that translates to yolk or union. The connection of the mind and body.

I teach Hatha Yoga which is about bringing asana or postures in unison with the breath with a smooth flow. I am also trained to teach Vini and Yin yoga. My classes are multi level so there are adaptions available for the poses.

Yoga is traced back to be 5,000 years old. There are many mental and physical benefits in practicing Yoga. This practice can lower stress and blood pressure. It improves flexibility, balance and increases strength. Yoga can relieve anxiety and depression. Most importantly, yoga improves a persons' overall quality of life.

Yoga has historically and is presently used as a preparation for meditation. Meditating, believe it or not, is practiced to prepare for death. During life, yoga improves a persons' overall quality of life. It often inspires us to live in a way that serves us better than our past ways of living. It brings a person in a deeper relationship with self (moving into the yolk of your being) so that we may grow spiritually and enjoy life to the fullest.